Jonathon Brandmeier Show Invites Vermont Candidate for U.S. Congress: Pirate Captain Cris Ericson, Monday, 6 - 9 AM Chicago Time

Cris Ericson
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Andy Taylor, Producer of The Jonathon Brandmeier Show, called up 2014 political
candidate for United States Congress, Cris Ericson, in Vermont, and asked her
to be a guest on the show 6-9 A.M. Monday October 27, 2014. Apparently they
invited her because she is also a candidate, on the official election ballot
in Vermont, for Governor. She explained that she is not inclined to get up so
early, and she even gave their telephone number to one of her opposing candidates,
who was told that they didn't want him, they want her.
You can call Producer Andy Taylor at 312-521-8581 and find out if that's a real telephone
number and why they want to talk to a candidate for U.S. Congress from Vermont way out there near Chicago, Illinois.
The telephone number doesn't seem to show any particular current validity on a google search.
Well, Cris Ericson's a good sport, she'll play along with them, or play them.

Candidate for United States Congress,
"Pirate Captain Cris Ericson",
up in the State of Vermont,
announced that because
the U.S. Supreme Court
wrote an Opinion
declaring that Corporations
are "persons" and
because the U.S. Congress
did not Impeach them,
which the U.S. Congress
had the legal right to do,
then, that proved
the U.S. Congress is in
favor of Corporations
being "persons"
and she -
Pirate Captain Cris Ericson,
is going to
"take back" America
away from the control of
Corporations and
give it back to
We, the People.
U.S. Congress,
House of Representatives,
Oc.t 23, 2014
Vermont candidate debate
at Vermont PBS.
U.S. House Debate - Vermont PBS Election 2014
Matthew Andrews,Liberty Union Party;
Mark Donka, Republican;
"Pirate Captain" Cris Ericson, Independent
Randall Meyers, Independent;
Jerry Trudell, Energy Indepence;
Peter Welch, Democrat.

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