Greek Government shuts down Athens Indymedia

CIMC repost

The Greek government has shut down Athens Indymedia and two other progressive independent news outlets as part of a sweeping campaign to crush dissent that opposes their austerity schemes and state sponsored repression.

See Athens Indymedia statement below and this link for more info:

The Athens Indymedia website has been shut down by the Greek government according to tweets by ruling party MP Adonis Georgiadis, seen congratulating minister of Public Order Nikos Dendias on twitter.

Which might signal an end of free independent media in Greece, the Athens Indymedia Collective released an communique in regard in response to repression of free speech.

According to sources Athens Indymedia can still be accessed using TOR network (link below)

The repression shall not pass!

Three of the contra-information media of the antagonistic movement,, radio 98FM and Radio Entasi and those which were hosted in the current server, since Thursday 11/4 are facing state repression.

After pressuring inquiries of the state attorney, internet connection was down.

In a period where the whole of this society finds it difficult even to breath, due to the harsh economic, political and social repression, smaller or larger resistances, struggles of the workers, give courage and hope, pass on the flaming signals of revolution, inspire and plant the seeds of subversive and radical ideas needed to tear down once and for all this world of exploitation…

Right at this moment and precisely because the real terrorists are terrified of social resistances, the authority tries to impose its darkness of its dominant media to our communication.

Silencing and repressing contra-information media will not pass as an indifferent social commentary in their corrupt newspapers and TV channels.

Our response shall overcome the ridiculous triumphs of the fascists and authoritarians. The media of contra-information are our own media, our means, the voice of our own struggles that show us the way to create the world we want to live in.

We call all those in struggle at a gathering on Friday 12/4 on 1 pm at the central square of Zographou Polytechnic Faculty (Polytechneioupoli Zographou). Access by bus: 608 from Academia, 242 from Katehaki metro station.

From the Administration Collective of

The Athens Indymedia site can now be found here:
or on the Tor network:
install Tor: ( )

98Fm the radio voice of antiauthoritarian movement can now be found here: [FS] Photo by [CA]
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