FLY launches call-in day to support south side trauma center arrestees

Friends of FLY (CIMC Repost)

In response to the arrests of four Chicagoans at a University of Chicago protest over the lack of a south side trauma center, activists with the Chicago group FLY (Fearless Leading by the Youth) have launched a phone-in campaign for today (February 6, 2013) to support those arrested and the further the campaign for one or more trauma centers on Chicago's south side.

The following are instructions posted on the FLY Facebook page ( calling for phone calls in support.


Please participate in our call in day!

Please call President of the University of Chicago Robert Zimmer at:

(773) 702-8800

And Say:

Hi my name is: ___________________

I live at: _______________________

I am calling to leave a message for President Zimmer.

(They may ask you to send an e-mail, we are emailing also, but please insist that they also take a message, if you insist they will take a message.)

I am shocked at how the University of Chicago police violently treated peaceful protesters last Sunday who were only asking for a meeting with Sharon O’Keefe, President of the University of Chicago Hospital, to get trauma care on the south side.

I am calling to tell President Zimmer to immediately

1) Drop the charges, and

2) Set up a meeting between Sharon O’Keefe, Fearless Leading by the Youth and Students for Health Equity to discuss providing trauma care for the south side.

Thank you.

Please reply to let us know you called!

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