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Venezuelan coup plotters were in contact with U.S.

Why there are terror attacks against Americans:
04/15/02 'Venezuelan coup plotters were in contact with US' Do you want to know WHY there are terror attacks against Americans? Because the US Government and the CIA keep screwing around with other people's countries, that's why. On the day that the United States quits screwing around with other people's countries the terrorists will all go HOME and we can all go back to living normal lives. The problem is that the US Government has come to believe that it has the right to meddle in the affairs of other countries, and just as the populations of those countries must endure lower qualities of life, you and I and every other American must live in fear of our lives as part of the "cost of doing business", to make American Corporations richer. The US has decided that your life and safety is a small price to pay to go on overthrowing the governments of other nations and then installing puppet regimes that oppress their people and send the profits to US Corporations. Then, when the people of those nations finally rebel and kick out the US puppets, we Americans scratch our heads like idiots and wonder why the people of these nations don't like us very much. We've seen the same pattern in Cuba, Chile, Iran, dozens of other places around the world. And now the US has been caught again trying to get rid of an elected President who didn't want to "play ball" with American Corporate interests. So the US funds an opposition group (similar to how Shin Bet funded HAMAS), trains their top men at the tax-payer paid for "School Of The Americas" and sends them in to stage a coup and set up a government more amenable to US "Capitalistas". This time, it failed and the US once again has egg on its international face, and I'll just bet that the people of Venezuela don't much like Americans right now. And frankly, who can blame them?



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