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Guerilla marketing for CIMC - stickers on newspaper boxes!

Guerilla marketing for CIMC - stickers on newspaper boxes! (article 1)
When people go looking for news, we want them to think "Chicago IMC". Toward that goal, I have uploaded 2 .PDF files so you can print your own CIMC stickers and stick them on newspaper boxes all around Chicago.

CIMC.PDF is 9 2.3"x3.2" stickers similar in motif to the logo in the upper-left hand of the CIMC home web page; these work well on the flat rectangular area near the handle on the front of the newspaper box. CIMC_LS.PDF is 7 10"x1" stickers, big enough to be seen from a distance so you can put them on the side or back, but small enough to still fit on the front.

I made my stickers by loading white full sheet labels (I used Avery 8165) into my inkjet printer, printing the .PDF files from Acrobat Reader with "Fit to page" off, then cutting them out. If you don't have the resources to make your own stickers and want to put some up, reply to this message and I'll leave some for you at the New World book store at Rockwell and Fullerton.



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