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Twin Cities IMC's "Free Press" newspaper hits streets

The Twin Cities IMC's "Free Press" hit the streets on J20. Available to out-of-towners in pdf or by mail.

The Twin Cities IMC has broken out of the Silicon Tower with the Free Press, a newspaper that aims to "liberate media in the Twin Cities". The Free Press will be distributed primarily in low-income neighborhoods less likely to have internet access.

Topics in this issue include police brutality, sweatshops, the corporatization of public education, Green Party politics, an interview with Stephanie Autumn (ex-wife of Leonard Peltier, and an activist for his cause), and a story about infiltrating a recruitment dinner for the Philip Morris marketing department.

Out-of-towners can view/download PDFs of the paper, or recieve a hard-copy in the mail by sending $2 to the Twin Cities IMC | PO Box 13414 | Minneapolis MN 55414-5414.

For more information, visit the Twin Cities IMC at

The name "Free Press" is a shout-out of admiration to the "LA Free Press", which published in the 1970's and was revived by the LA-IMC during the Democratic National Convention.




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