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April 17th -- International day of Farmer's Struggle

hundreds of actions around the world. Here is a list of a few of them
(Espanol mas abajo)

List of actions on the 17th of april 2002

Please let us know if your action is not yet on the list before the 17/4. We will publish another updated list with more details on the 16th of april 20h00, GMT time.

Mexico/Honduras/Guatemala/Brasil/El Salvador/Haiti/Republica Dominicana/Paraguay/Colombia/Ecuador

Continental week against transgenetic maize


Resistance is fertile: several Actions against GMO's


Rome: several activities organised by support group to MST


Confédération Paysanne: decentralised actions on GMO's and an action in front of the Court of Justice

El Salvador

Seminar on landreform


Action in front of the Parliament on GMO's

India - Karnataka

KRRS: mass rally


WERVEL: stand on market in Brussels

FIAN: debate on landreform

JNM-youth Agalev: action against GMO's

Coordination Belgo-BBrazil:Action before Brasilian embassey and other activities in that week

Visit Minister Reynders+Action in Brussels on repression against farm leaders (to be confirmed)


EHNE, Bask Country: press conference on GMO's

Plataforma Rural and others: protest in Madrid

Oviedo: meetings 17-20 of april

Alicante: action against GMO’s

Barcelona: action in front of Lat Am Embasseys, public debate on the 20/4

United States

Washington: Seminar on landbank policies Worldbank (+ protest letter Via Campesina+FIAN to be sent out)


CLOC-Andina and others in Quito: Andine Forum against FTAA


PAN Asia Pacific is preparing actions


KMP: mobilzation in front of the Department of Agriculture and the department of Agrarian Reform


COCOH: rally


Union Paysanne: activities on the 4th of may


Mocase, Apenoc, Red Puna: actions and rallies

Lista de acciones para el 17 de abril 2002

Por favor dejanos saber si vuestra accion aun no esta en la lista . Vamos a publicar una lista actualizado con mas detailles el dia 16 de Abril 20h00, hora Europea.

Mexico/Honduras/Guatemala/Brasil/El Salvador/Haiti/Republica Dominicana/Paraguay/Colombia/Ecuador

Semana continental contra elm maize transgenico


Resistance is fertile (resistencia es fertil): varias acciones contra OGM's


Roma: varios actividades organisado por el grupo de apoyo a MST


Acciones decentralizados en contra de OGMs y accion en frente del palacio de justicia

El Salvador

Seminario sobre reforma agraria


Accion en frente del Parlamento sobre OGMs

India - Karnataka

KRRS: mobilizacion de masa


WERVEL: stand en mercado de Bruselas

FIAN: debate reforma agraria

JNM-jovenes de Agalev: accion contra OGMs

Coordinadora Belgo-Brazil:Accion en frente de la embajada y otros actividades en la semana

Visita al Ministro Reynders+Accion en Bruselas sobre repression contra lideres campesinos (a confirmar)


EHNE, Pais Vasco: rueda de prensa sobre OGMs

Plataforma Rural y otros: protesten madrid

Oviedo: encuentros 17-20 de abril

Barcelona: marcha en frente a los embajadas de Am latina

Alicante: accion en contra de OGM’s

Estados Unidos

Washington: Seminario sobre politicas Banco Mundial (+ carta de protesta Via Campesina+FIAN sera publicado)


CLOC-Andina y otros en Quito: Foro Andino en contra del ALCA


PAN Asia Pacific esta preparando acciones


KMP: mobilzacion en frente del Departmento de Agricultura y de la Ref Agraria


COCOH: mobilizacion


Union Paysanne: actividades al 4 de mayo


Mocase, Apenoc, Red Puna: acciones y mobilizaciones



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