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Donate to the Festival del Pueblo

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Greetings comrades,
It is now just two weeks away from the beginning of the Festival del Pueblo - a five day celebration of community, resistance, and freedom, taking place in Boston from May 1-5 - and we are expecting the event to be an enormous
success. For anyone who doesn't know already, there is going to be a bookfair, free school, community carnival, concerts, radical sports
tournament, marches, demonstrations, and direct actions. But we still need your help! There are still many costs that need to be met, and our resources are very limited, so we are asking everyone who can to donate a couple bucks
to the Festival. You can do now do this through our website, at: or you can click on this link, directly from this website:\=Donation

Thanks to everyone who is helping to make this Festival a smashing success.

In Solidarity.



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