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Columbia Solidarity Com Refuses FBI Harassment

The Federal Bureau of Investigation harassed a member of the Colombia Solidarity Committee (CSC) at her home on Monday, April 8th, around 7:00 PM


In a new and intensifying development for anti-war
activists in the Chicago area, the Federal Bureau of
Investigation harassed a member of the Colombia
Solidarity Committee (CSC) at her home. On Monday,
April 8th, around 7:00 PM, the FBI questioned Heather
Truskowski. The two agents, dressed in casual
clothes, asked about Heather's political activism in
support of peace and justice in Colombia. One FBI
agent accusingly said, "Because of increased security,
we have to investigate individuals who are potentially
associated with terrorist groups." The FBI agent
asked if she had traveled to Colombia, who she met
with, how she raised funds for the trip, etc. The
other FBI agent acted as silent witness.

With this new FBI harassment, political rights and
civil liberties have taken another step backwards.
This follows the U.S. Government "detention"--in
reality, temporary arrest and harassment--of hundreds
of Muslims and Arabs. Despite harassment, Colombia
anti-intervention activists will continue to push for
an end to President Bush's war plans, including Plan
Colombia. The CSC vows to continue to build for the
International ANSWER protest in Washington D.C. on
April 20th, 2002, at 11:00 AM, in front of the White
House. "George Bush can send his agents to harass us
at our homes, now we will speak to him outside his
front door!" said one CSC member.

Heather warns other anti-intervention and solidarity
activists to mentally prepare for such a visit "Don't
be rude, but be firm. Refuse to speak with FBI
agents. Give them your name and your lawyer's phone
number. That is all." Heather's lawyer, Jim Fennerty
said, "In thirty years of practice, only one FBI agent
has ever made a follow up call to my office. Talking
to the FBI will only create trouble for you. Even
answering a seemingly safe question changes your legal
relationship." The CSC wants to encourage activists
to step up your support for stopping Plan Colombia and
supporting Self-determination for the Colombian
People. We will not be discouraged.

Official Statement from the Colombia Solidarity
Contact: 773-844-3612 or CHICSC13 (at)


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