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Late breaking news suggests that an uprising of the poor in Venezuela has thwarted the coup plotters who removed leftist president Hugo Chavez from power yesterday.
The very latest news from Venezuela is astounding and gratiifying: It would appear that there has been a massive popular counter-reaction to the military coup which ousted president Hugo Chavez yesterday, and the CIA sponsored coup may have become totally unravelled. Though Chavez is still being held prisoner by the military rebels, the man the US tapped to replace him has run away with his tail between his legs.
Not reported in the media here, as soon as Chavez was overthrown, his supporters, in poor neighborhoods but also in certain sectors of the armed forces, rallied and re-took the Miraflores presidential palace, arresting some of the coup plotters. Carmona, the pro-US businessman who was named interim president by the putchists, first rescinded his "firing" of the (democratically elected) national parliament, then resigned himself and has now taken refuge in a military base controlled by the plotters.
Vice President Diosdado Cabello, a Chavez supporter, has stated that in the absence of Chavez (who is being held prisioner by the plotters) should be considered acting president under the Venezuelan constitution.
There are reports of numerous people shot by anti-Chavez police in Caracas. Also, it would appear that some of the family members of Chavez's cabinet ministers have been violently assaulted.
This is a rapidly developing situation, and it could all change again. The duty of progressives in the US right now is twofold:
a. Prevent any US intervention in Venezuela.
b. Act as a truth squad, get the truth out about what is happening, e.g. there are eyewitness reports from Caracas that it was not Chavez's supporters, but his opponents, who started the shooting in front of the president's palace on tuesday. Please monitor how our media, including especially the Spanish language media, is covering this issue, and voice protests in every way possible--letters to the editor, call-ins etc.



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