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Monday: "Israel-Palestine crisis at a boiling point"

Meeting: "Israel-Palestine crisis at a boiling point"
Monday, April 15
6:30 PM
36 S. Wabash, Room 1440
"The plain fact is that Ariel Sharon is trying to rid the minds of Israelis and Palestinians of the very idea that they can ever live in peace with one another." This quote from the editorial in the April 2002 issue of News & Letters, Israel-Palestine crisis at boiling point" expresses the dangerous depth of the current events in the Middle East. Join us for an analysis and discussion of the current situation.
Speakers: Ali Reza, member of Anjoman Azadi, Iranian Marxist-Humanist group; Gerard Emmett, author of "War, terror, and humanism collide in Afghanistan" (News & Letters, December 2001).

News and Letters Library
36 S. Wabash, Room 1440
For information: (312) 236-0799; email at nandl (at)



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