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Chicago Federal Bldg Protest report

Chicago people rally to protest Inaguration
It is a sunny day in Chicago.
At noon J20 dozens of people gathered for a peaceful protest at the Chicago Federal Plaza. There were many signs declaring an anti-Bush sentiment. "Selected not Elected," and "Stop Ashcroft," referring to accused racist John Ashcroft's nomination as U.S. Attorney General.

A young girl wrote a song that was sang by all, "I don't want no sonofaBush in the office" sung to the tune of "My bonnie lies over the ocean."

Protestors were ralling against the racism in the Florida election. Pamela Johnson, a Chicago voter deputy registrar, brought a Poll Tax record that had been her mother's, Nellie Johnson - the first black election commisioner in Tunica City, Mississippi in 1984. Ms.Johnson expressed sentiment that the events in Florida harkened back to the time when the poll tax was enforced before the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

There were a few Chicago Police watching. The protest broke up after a hour.



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