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Palestinian Uprising Talk on Labor Express

Dr. Adel Samara, authority on Palestinian struggle, gives talk on Labor Express, Jan 21, 7pm, WLUW, 88.7 FM
Palestinian Uprising Discussion on Labor Express

Sunday, Jan. 21
(Note New Time)
WLUW-FM, 88.7

This Sunday night, Jan. 21, Labor Express presents
an edited down version of the presentation by
Dr. Adel Samara on the Palestinian Uprising. Adel
Samara was born in Palestine, and received a Ph.D.
in economics from Exeter University in 1987.
He has been active in the Palestinian Left, and
has been jailed by Israel, because of his active
participation in the Palestinian resistance, and most
recently, by the Palestinian Authority, for criticizing
the Palestinian Authority's corruption and human
rights abuses. The segment will deal with the
the 'comprador' character of the Palestinian
Authority. Taped at an event at New World
Resources Center, which was co-sponsored by
the Friends for a Democratic Palestine,
Arab American Action Network, the Committee
for a Democratic Palestine, and the Jerusalem Club.


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