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Will there be any sanity if anyone survives?

dumbshits on the left of me, jackasses on the right.

who's with me?
First, Let me make it clear I am aware the occupation is the root of this problem. But, if you so much as suggest the Palestinian strategy is off, you do get slammed by a growing number of what we are calling leftists.

I do consider myself within the left. I just happen to think both the Sharon and Arafat strategies are dangerous and will cause mass destruction around the world if they, each or either, are allowed to play out.

The Wrong people are sitting at the table.. hell, they've blown up the table!

Why is it such a stretch for people, given the history of these two men, to see neither one of them has any interest in peace?

My views have turned both extremes against me.

I'm proud of that.



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