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The Ethics Revolution

An Idea to share with fellow activists? Well, here goes...
Let us UNITE.
Not behind Marx.
Not behind Patriotism.
Not behind Afirmative Action.
Not behind "Social Welfare."
If you listened to Dr. Martin Luther King, you would realize one very important thing--Love. GOD FUCKING DAMMIT!
L O V E!
All we need is COMPASSION. This is so difficult because our world and our political environment is ruled by business and economics. If you ask an MBA, "Is there such a thing as 'Business Ethics,'" they would laugh in your face. Because it is about profit and profit is GOD.
And you wonder why there are movements of fundamentalists and other organizations which believe that capitalism is an inherently evil concept. There is only one solution to this problem. We must introduce into Capitalism the element of the INDIVIDUAL HUMAN BEING--just as Marx stipulates. In business there are people and without people business does not function. It is on the shoulders of the meek that giant conglomerates are established and built and nations grow and hegemonize.
We are no longer citizens of the United States. We are citizens of the WORLD. And no one should understand this better than us with such a diverse population as ours. Those people whose children we employ, workers we abuse and harm, women we torture and kill, and then have the audacity to tell them they owe us something are our MOTHERS, our FATHERS, our BROTHERS, and our SISTERS--they are US.
What is left of our country, its consititution and its values when we act like a virus plundering our world and our own selves in host countries until we slowly, but effectively kill the whole organism? It is a SHAM, an illusion that we have built for ourselves here in the United States of America. And we are digging our grave in every sweatshop and in every shallow ditch we toss another raped and murdered Maquiladorera*.
--Mr. Rene V. Rivero
In Freedom

*Documented reports from a Mexican border factory in, if memory serves, Juarez, Mexico; at last count 114 missing or dead female factory workers.



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