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UIC-GEO Work-in

The UIC Graduate Employees Organization is holding a two day Work-In to protest the University's refusal to give graduate employees the right to collective bargaining and its claim that they are students rather than workers.
On this coming Thursday and Friday (April 11th and 12th), the UIC Graduate Employees Organization is going to hold a two day Work-In. Teaching, Research, and Graduate Assistants from across the University of Illinois - Chicago campus will come out and do their jobs in public in order to prove to the University that what they do is work. The University of Illinois has denied that its Graduate Employees are actually workers, but instead has claimed that they are nothing more than students. In addition, they have claimed that since we are not workers, we do not have the right to collective bargaining or union representation.

The Work-in will be on Thursday from 8 AM until 3 PM, and on Friday from 8 AM until 1 PM. At the end of each day there will be a rally. Thursday's rally will be at 3:30 PM, Friday's at 1:30 PM. Both the Work-in and the rallies will take place on the UIC East Campus in front of the Science and Engineering Laboratories (SEL), located at 950 S. Halsted.

Please come out and support the GEO's right to collective bargaining and union representation.

In solidarity -

Aaron Max Berkowitz
Member of the UIC-GEO Organizing Committee.



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