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Medical Relief for Palestine

Innocent Palestinian Victims Caught in the Crossfire:
Health Care Desperately Needed
Innocent Palestinian Victims Caught in the Crossfire:
Health Care Desperately Needed

The call for action is now! With the escalation of violence in the West Bank and Gaza strip, innocent civilians suffer the most! The greatly overburdened medical communities in the Occupied Territories are unable to adequately care for the constant stream of wounded civilians entering their facilities. Severe injuries are being treated without anesthesia worsening the already unbearable pain of the wounded. 19,000 Palestinians have been injured during the last 18 months, and 70,000 have been trapped within the borders of their villages, unable to access hospitals.

The daily images of violence in the West Bank and Gaza Strip are overwhelming; they make us feel numb, angry, and powerless. But, there is something you can do to help! We at the Palestine Aid Society (PAS) have a plan. We are urgently raising money to provide necessary medical supplies for the rising numbers of injured Palestinian civilians.

We have been doing humanitarian work in Palestine since 1976 and we need your help now more than ever. Give as much as you can:

· A $1000 donation could help to build mobile clinics for Palestinians that are trapped inside their villages, unable to access hospitals.
· A $50 donation could supply much-needed anesthesia.
· A donation of just $5 could help provide first aid kits, allowing civilians to care for their injuries without cramming into the already crowded medical centers.

Your money will be sent to the Union of Health Care Committees, a Palestinian NGO that has been organizing health facilities and mobile clinics in Palestine since 1985.

The stakes are high. We need your support now more than ever. You, at this moment, can choose to sit silently watching the events that unfold around you or to take one small action to give what money you can. Your money could help someone in ways you may not have imagined.

Please make checks payable to our supporting agency for peace and justice:

8th Day Center for Justice, c/o Palestine
205 W. Montrose, Chicago, IL 60606

To find out more information contact Hakim Hussein at 773/732-9018 or PAS_Chicago (at) Also, visit the following web-sites: (Palestine Aid Society) (Union of Health Care Committees) (8th Day Center for Justice)



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