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Connecting Communities For a Cleaner Chicago

Coal-burnig power plants are killing hundreds and affecting thousands in Chicago. Show that we will not accept the cost in human lives these plants take by joining hands on April 22
We are a group of students, teachers, and community activists who are concerned about the deadly impact of coal- burning power plants on the health of Chicago communities. According to the American Lung Association and a Harvard School of Public Health study on two coal burning electrical plants in Little Village and Pilsen, the coal-burning power plants in the Chicago land area are responsible for 50 premature deaths in the Little village neighborhood and 995 in the Chicago area with 21,400 asthma attacks in one year. We all use the energy produced by the power plants, we are all exposed to their poisons, and we are all responsible for demanding that they stop killing people now.
Edison International is the owner of the two plants and is worth more than $36.9 billion. A coal burning electrical plant can be converted to natural gas. Burning natural gas gets rid of almost all the small particles and sulfur dioxide and most of the nitrogen dioxide which will reduce the impacts. Coal burning plants in Virginia and Canada have been changed over to natural gas for a cost of $14-$16 million. That’s a small amount of the $450 million Edison says it would spend to convert. On April 24, Aldermen Burke will introduce legislation to the city council to force the plants to upgrade their equipment.
To show support we are gathering the people of Chicago and joining hands from the power plant in Little Village all the way to City Hall. 7,00 people need to come together over a six mile route to create this human chain to show the city and the industries that we care.
Route specifics: The chain will start on 31st and Pulaski going east on 31st to Central Park, North on Central Park to 26th, 26th East to Kedzie, North to Cermak, Cermak East to Halsted then North to Washington until getting to City Hall.

Come out and show your support by joining us along the route on Monday April 22 at 4pm. Bring friends and family to show that you care about the community.



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