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RAAB Re-Assembly Points

RAAB Re-Assembly Locations

In case the RAAB is dispersed during the course of inauguration day we have established several re-assembly points in order to facilitate regrouping amongst the large numbers of people who will be in DC on Inauguration day.

Please be very clear on this...If we are still together we will not necessarily be passing by these points, these are only in case we are dispersed.

The first re-assembly point is

11:30 am, Navy Memorial, Pennsylvania Ave between 8th and 9th Northwest
(On North Side of Parade route)

The second re-assembly point is

2:00 pm, Justice Department, Pennsylvania Ave between 9th and 10th.
(On South side of parade route)

The third re-assembly point is

4:00 pm, McPherson Square, between I and K on 13th street.
------------------------------------------------------------------------The weather in DC on Saturday is expected to be rainy with a high of 50 and a low of 35. Dress accordingly.



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