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The 2011 Chicago Indymedia Year In Review

Since 2003, Chicago Indymedia has compiled its annual collected list of links of articles, resources, and posts made to the Chicago Indymedia newswire for the annual Chicago Indymedia Year In Review.

We are pleased to announce the 2011 Chicago Indymedia Year in Review, with more than 300 collected links grouped into the following eleven thematic categories:

Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, and Human Rights
Education and Youth Organizing
Electoral Politics and Local Government
Environment and Health Organizing
International Affairs and Immigrant Rights
LGBT Organizing
Labor Organizing and Economic Justice
Media Democracy
Peace Organizing
Chicago Indymedia

Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, and Human Rights
Students Subpoena Fitzgerald!

Racist Romeoville Chili's

Disgraced Neo-Nazi Bill White's Conviction in Chicago

Audio of Roundtable on Chicago Police Torture - Jan. 9, 2011

Cop gets four and a half years for lying about running torture ring

Program on Stopping the Witchhunt Against Anti-War and Intn'l Solidarity Activists

Labor Stands with Subpoenaed Activists - Labor Beat on YouTube

Jon Burge's pension not terminated - an outrage

Audio of Jan. 25, 2011 press conference/rally against FBI intimidation

Tom Burke: 'Fight government repression; organize for Stop FBI conferences'

Smart Phones and Dumb Laws

ACLU wants city to stop putting up cameras

A 'Slap on the Wrist' for Chicago Police Torturer, Africans Resist the Colonial Prison System

Chi-Town Antifascists attack secrets..again!

Chicago Books To Women In Prison to be featured on ABC 7 News

BREAKING — After 25 Years, Jon Burge Victim Finally to be Freed Tomorrow

Chicago Police torture victim Eric Caine upon his release from 25 years wrongful incarceration

2011 Chicago Hitler Birthday Celebration Attacked by Anti-fascists

Gary Cops Found Guilty In Savage Beating of 60-year-old Veteran

Chicago victims of police torture speak

June 4th — Support Bradley Manning, Alleged Wikileak Whistleblower!

Chicago Housing Authority wants required drug testing for adult residents

Protest Against Workplace Race Discrimination Practiced by YMCA

Chicago supports alleged wikileaker Bradley Manning!

Free Bradley Manning activities in Chicago! + new film from the Ft. Leavenworth protest

Open Meeting: Taking Action Against Police Sexual Assault and Violence in Chicago

Announcing the 17th Annual 2011 Anti-Racist Action Network Conference

Drive White Supremacist Eric “Scott” Kriske of Chicago Mafia Skins Out of Chicago

Pics from Free Bradley Manning contingent @ Chicago Pride Parade

July 31 Day of Action Against Fascism and Racism

Chicago cops beat Black youth while dozens of other cops watch

Diary of Eric Kriske, Chicago Mafia Skins

Rally In Solidarity with the Pelican Bay Hunger Strike

July 31st Day Of Action Against Fascism and Racism

Announcing the 17th Annual 2011 Anti-Racist Action Network Conference(updated)

July 28 Protest to Occur at Cops Clavijo and Vasquez Hearing, Accused of 2 Rapes in 19 Days

Federal Court: Torture Suit Against Rumsfeld Should Go Forward

Federal Appeals Court Rejects Rumsfeld’s Attempt to Dismiss Torture Suit Against Him

Chicago July 31st Reportback: Taking the Struggle to the Fascists' Doorsteps

Judge: Daley can be included as defendant in Burge suits

Announcing the 17th Annual 2011 Anti-Racist Action Network Conference

Chicago Screening of The Response, Oct. 1, 2011

Abolish Columbus Day!

James Harden's release after 20 years wrongful imprisonment

Updated "Know Your Local Nazi" Poster November 2011

Banner Dropped, Cop Cars Disabled As Vengeance For the Death of Shelley Hilliard

Chicago New Years Eve Anti-Prison Noise Demo

Man, Wrongfully Imprisoned 25 Years Due to Police Torture, Sues Chicago

Medical Self Defense & the Black Panther Party —An interview w/ Alondra Nelson

Education and Youth Organizing
Whittier Parents Force Meeting with Huberman - Labor Beat on Bliptv

NEIU Rally for a Contract - Labor Beat on YouTube

Fri. 4/15: Students, teachers to protest City College pinstripe patronage bankrolled by layoffs of frontline workers, cuts in student services

Archived info from Rochester Indymedia on JC Brizard—Chicago's new CEO of Schools

Youth Attacked by Police Officer Responds to Cop's Criminal Indictment

About Brizard: A message from Rochester to Chicago

Rahm's Inauguration Might Destroy Our Education - May 16 protest, Labor Beat / YouTube

Save City Colleges Refused Meeting Space at Malcolm X - Labor Beat/YouTube

Berwyn CARES Launches Book Club for Better Schools

Finding Our Roots conference in Chicago, June 10-12

CPS to retreat from Whittier School deal; Whittier calls for action

Protest at Chicago City Colleges Board Meeting - Labor Beat on YouTube

BREAKING: Whittier fieldhouse teardown imminent; wrecking crew has arrived

BREAKING: Whittier supporters regalvanize sit-in to defend Casita; police on scene

BREAKING: Whittier blockade called off, picket underway, support needed

Carta de Apoyo a La Casita

Whittier Parents Accuse CPS Officials of Bait and Switch On Library Deal

Whittier parents declare end to sit-in, launch summer programming

Solidarity with Marta A.

HWC Community Roundtable on Reinvention -Labor Beat on bliptv

Chicago Angry Activst leads charge to Stop Child Slavery

Emma Goldman's Chicago Apartment/Scavenger Hunt

Stop the Hit List! - Labor Beat on YouTube

Sat 12/17 ~ 1-4pm ~ Keep Your Kids Occupied!

Electoral Politics and Local Government
Scalia and Schakowsky at tea party-organized event

Upcoming Municipal Elections can Change the United States

Emanuel 'mandate' is a big fat lie

Was the Mayor's Race Stolen Last Night? Touch Screen Tallies Are Off!

Wheaton Congressman votes for draconian budget cuts hurting veterans, and the poor

Announcement: Local Event to urge your President to show some spine

City of Chicago posts lobbyist data online

Rahm Emanuel: Chicago's War Criminal/Anti-Labor Mayor


The Bullet We Dodged in Chicago: 2014 Olympics in Russia Causing Displacements

Wednesday: Occupy City Hall!

Rep. Ford files House resolution to support Occupy movements in Illinois

Occupy the courts!

OccupyChi: Mon 11/14: Unwelcoming Hank and Condi

Mon 11/14: Condi and Hank Cancel!

Environment and Health Organizing
Can Chicago Become a Sustainable City?

Are You F*#%ing CRAZY?! New Peer Based Mental Health Collective Re-Establishes The Mad Movement in Chicago.

Valentine's Day City Council Hearing on Clean Power Ordinance!

Valentine's Day Public Hearing for Clean Power and Air

Mayor Daley: is this your "green legacy?"

Pro-Choice Counterprotest at the Joe Scheidler Tribute!

Chicago joins Japan Vigils

Is a Meltdown Possible in Illinois?


Where's My 'Walderman'? #chicoal

April 21 Hearing for Clean Power Ordinance


6 Community Activists Arrested at Crawford Coal Plant

Chicago City Council Postpones Vote on Clean Power Ordinance

Women and infant programs are attacked by Winfield's Congressman Randy Hultgren

Updated: Locked out of the April 21 hearing on the Chicago Clean Power Ordinance? Audio here.

Monsanto GMO Food Dump at Whole Foods & Green Fest Booth/Presentations

May 17 at Noon - GMO Food Dump and Press Conference at Lincoln Park Whole Foods in Chicago

If a Tree Falls: A Story About the Earth Liberation Front


Slaughterhouse Jobs: Human and Animal Rights Aspects

Obama Says: Fuck Your Lungs!

Rahm's Psych Ward - Labor Beat on YouTube

International Affairs and Immigrant Rights
Emergency Demonstration in Solidarity with Egyptian People - Jan. 29th, 2pm

Chicago stands with Egypt — 1,500 protest Saturday for end to Mubarak regime

Chicago Rally for People of Egypt - Labor Beat on YouTube

Chicago Egypt Rally Video

Mayoral questionnaire results indicate broad support for people with disabilities

Audio interview: Tahrir Square, indy photojournalist Matt Cassel, 10PM Cairo time today

Transcript: Tahrir Square, indy photojournalist Matt Cassel, 10PM Cairo time today

Friday, 5PM Protest in Solidarity with Egyptian People

Hundreds protest in solidarity with Egyptian revolution

"Obama, you know, Gaddafi's got to go!"

Saturday Chicago protest in solidarity w/people of Libya

Confront David Irving's 2011 U.S. tour

Racist attack on former Chicagoan Iraqi-American filmmaker Usama Alshaibi

Actions in Chicago, San Francisco, Remember Murdered Beit Ommar Youth

Northwest suburban Republican wants Arizona-type immigration law here

Friday—Solidarity with Bahraini Democracy Movement March and Rally

Free Bahrain - Chicago Rally: Labor Beat on YouTube


6/22: Eyewitness Libya w/ Cynthia McKinney

Pt. II of SIN(A)PSIS Chilean anarchist film screening

NATO to meet in Chicago, Discuss Afghanistan

G-8 Also To Meet in Chicago!

Organizing Meeting: 10th Anniversary of Afghanistan War + Resisting NATO and G8

CST: Garry McCarthy to NATO, G-8 protesters: Police will be ready

Celebrating Hector Gamboa, one of the most prominent Latino activists in Chicago

Next Organizing Meeting for the 10th Anniversary of Afghanistan War + NATO / G8

Drive-By Shootings and Military Occupation in Honduras

9-11 and the Afghanistan War: Who was right?

Chicago G8 protest planners offer city guarantees of usual ineffectual actions

Rick Rozoff of Stop Nato Speaks in Chicago

Two articles on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 by targets of FBI repression

Opposing the G8 and NATO in Chicago

David Rovics in Concert Oct. 29th to Benefit Anti-G8/NATO Organizing!

Tariq Ali in Chi Tonite! Revolution in the Air, The Arab Spring and a World in Motion

Miriam Miranda, OFRANEH Honduras this Fri 11-4 at 7:30p at Casa Michoacan

City Thumbs Its Nose at FOIAs By G8/NATO Protest Organizers

LGBT Organizing
Freedom to Marry Day 2011 @ Holy Name Cathedral!

Important Legal Victory For LGBT and Secular Activists

City won’t block GLN Sunday demo

GLN Responds to Cardinal George's Criticism of Our Protest

Russia's Foremost Gay Leader to Tour U.S.A.

Russian Gay Leader on WBEZ Tomorrow

Criminal Queers film in Chicago

I.D.A.H.O. — International Day Against HOmophobia — and Biphobia and Transphobia

Chicago Joins I.D.A.H.O. Events in 70 Countries

Anti-abortion bigots to rally against Illinois Civil Unions Act

GLNer Back in Moscow, Russia for "Illegal" Pride Event

Local gay Pakistani leader Ifti Nasim, R.I.P.

Prominent Promoter of Uganda’s “Kill-the-Gays” to be Honored in Chicago Suburb – Protest Planned!

Christian Liberty Academy Attacked For Hosting Homophobic Events

Activist Who Promotes Imprisoning of Gays Protested in Suburban Chicago

Starvation Before Resignation: An Open Letter to Chicago Dyke March Organizers

Labor Organizing and Economic Justice
Chicago Hotel Workers - next Labor Beat - starts Jan. 6

Rob Burns Speaks on Economics

CTA considers closing 5 stops

Wisconsin Gov. bans collective bargaining 4 public sector employees- 30,000 people protest in Madison

Call to act in support of Wisconsin Workers and Students

Wisconsin: Mobilize Workers & Power to Defeat Union-Busting Bill!

Wisconsin: Epicenter of the Battle Over Workers' Rights

Wisconsin Solidarity Rally

Labor leaders drag out Jesse Jackson, intensify efforts to temper Wisconsin protests

To Win, Prepare to Strike Wisconsin!

Waging War on Chicago Workers

On Wisconsin! First of May Anarchist Alliance statement

Photos from Madison capital protests

Tempers Explode as Wisconsin Assembly Passes Bill Taking Away Union Rights

Wisconsin Unions Vote to Prepare a General Strike — The Time to Act Is Now

IVAW member Derek Giffin on Walker's threat to use the National Guard

How Can We Win in Wisconsin? Pics and Analysis From Today's Protest

Tractorcade Wisconi-stan - Labor Beat on YouTube

Wisconsin: For a General Strike Now!

Venezuelan trade unionists in solidarity with Wisconsin

Battle Front Wisconsin - Next Labor Beat, starts 3/17

Wisconsin and After - Labor Beat on bliptv

Lessons for Chicagoans on direct action, people power and the battle against corporations

WE ARE ONE march and rally photos

We Are One Rally Video

Last Cabrini-Green Building Razed

May Day 2011 photos

VIDEO: RML Hospital Workers Rights Rally 05/21- VOTE YES! June9th

Housekeepers Speak Out Against Sexual Harassment - Labor Beat on YouTube

Massive Demonstration Today (Stand Up! Chicago)

Give It Back! march/rally video - Labor Beat on bliptv

Craft Against Corporate Welfare - Labor Beat on bliptv

The CTA Strike of 1968 - Labor Beat on bliptv

Sweeping Privatization Bill on the Gov's Desk

Tom Tressor speaks on Privatization in Illinois

Key Reason for Privatizing Public Assets is Invalid

CCC Clerical Workers Want Fair Contract Now - Labor Beat on YouTube

Chicago Teachers, Wisconsin Labor Cookout - Labor Beat on YouTube

The People's Putt Putt - Labor Beat on YouTube

An American Spring Is Possible

How Everyone Can Help The Occupy Wall Street Movement

Protestors Occupy Chicago in Solidarity with Occupy Wall St NY

Occupy Chicago Entering Day 6

Haymarket Documentary Kickstarter Launched

Lessons Learned From Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Demands And Civil Disobedience Guidelines

help me save my home!

Dancing With The Dispossessed - One Week Into Occupy Chicago

Open Letter to Occupy Chicago

Occupy Chicago Forced to Mobilize Occupation

Problems Surface in Occupy Movement

From the Anonymous Chi-town Window Smasher at Occupy Chicago

Occupy Wall Street: Protesters arrested 900—Bankers 0. We are the 1%

Cooptation, or On Democrats Bearing Gifts

Declaration of the Occupation of New York City

OCCUPY Protesters Unfocused? My Ass!

An Anonymous Statement Regarding Occupy Chicago and the Police

Hey You Billionaire, Pay Your Fair Share - Labor Beat on YouTube

6:30 PM TODAY: Occupy Chicago to Claim New Home on Global Day of Action

Today — Saturday, 10-14 6:30P, LaSalle & Jackson: Global Occupy Day!

News Needed of Saturday's #OWS Arestees.

OWS Must Engage In Non-violent Civil Disobedient Traffic Blocking Now!

New Radical OWS Flyer

Occupy Chicago! Occupy Wall Street! Occupy Kalamazoo! Occupy the United States! Where do we go from here?

Occupy Chicago takes Liberation Square at Michigan Avenue and Congress

City refuses dialogue with Occupy Chicago, orders demonstrators out of Thompson Center

Occupy Chicago Works With City to Find Permanent Home

Nurses Still Jailed, Union Condemns Chicago Mayor Emmanuel for Arrest Of Nurses, Medical Volunteers at Occupy Chicago

Occupy Chicago: Free Speech Does Not Stop at 11pm!

PHOTOS: Thousands march, 100+ arrested at Occupy Chicago protest

General Strike, Wed. Nov. 2nd

Chicago - Take a Holiday from Work, Nov. 2nd!

#Occupychi: 5 Suggestions from Mike Davis

Nov 2: Occupy Chicago Stands with Oakland!

Keep Public Services in Public Hands - Labor Beat on YouTube

70 Protestors Disrupt Wisconsin Gov. Walker Speech in Chicago on Budget "Reform"

Tom Tresser To Talk on Privatization in Evanston on November 12

Monday 11/7: Occupy Chicago Stands with Seniors

Sat Nov 5: Occupy Chicago/ Bank Transfer Day

Occupy Facing ’Cloaked’ Counterattacks

Occupy Wall Street comes to Macomb

Occupy Wall Street comes to Macomb, Illinois

Young and Old Unite to Fight Potentially Drastic Cuts

Occupying the Hood with Albany Park Immigrant Workers

11.11.11 Occupy Chicago Stands with Veterans

Occupy Chicago at Grant Park - Labor Beat on YouTube

Thurs 11/17: Occupy Chicago Events for National Day of Action

Live NYC stream

OCCUPY the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade 2011

Holding LaSalle St. Bridge: Labor/Politics/Occupy - Labor Beat on YouTube

Chicago Solidarity Rally for UK Public Workers - Labor Beat on YouTube

Making a reality; The Right of Food and Shelter for All

Media Democracy
After five years, Chicago Media Action Petition-to-Deny against local TV stations continues with fifth appeal

Chicago Media Action callout for maintaining public files for radio and TV stations

Green Party gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney vs. Chicago PBS affiliate WTTW-11

Protest Fox Chicago - Demand the FCC pull the broadcast licenses of criminals, July 22

Chicagoans to protest Fox-32 Chicago in wake of Voicemail Hacking Scandal

Judge Dismisses Suit Against WTTW

2011 Media Democracy Day – Chicago: Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cable company RCN stalls on funding for CAN TV; act today to help!

From The Trenches Radio for November: Media Democracy Day 2011

Chicago Workers Sue Comcast; Claim Race Discrimination, Fetid Working Conditions

Occupied Tribune needs your help!

Peace Organizing
United Protest on the 8th Anniversary Of the U.S. Invasion of Iraq

Illinois Coalition for Justice, Peace and the Environment mini-conference on "Which Way Forward?" - Feb. 19, Roosevelt University

Recent leaks give meaning to pentagon disclosures

Saturday, March 19th, 2011: Liberation Not Occupation!

CORE and AFSCME Local 2081 Endorse Protest on 8th Anniversary of Iraq Invasion

Important Victory Today for Anti-War Demonstrators!

Press coverage of today's protest on the 8th anniversary of the Iraq invasion

1,000 Commemorate 8th Anniversary of Illegal Iraq Invasion

Video: Chicago Protests Eight Years of War - March 19, 2011

Audio of March 19, 2011 rally for peace in downtown Chicago

Malalai Joya & The Case for Withdrawal from Afghanistan

10th Anniversary of the Afghanistan Invasion — Call for a Midwest Regional Convergence

Tribute to Brian Haw

Call to Endorse: MARCH on Obama 2012 Campaign HQ to Protest 10th Anniversary of Afghanistan War!

Sat. Sept. 3 Northside Peace Gathering Begins 9th Year

Update on the March on Obama 2012 Campaign HQ on the 10th Anniversary of the Afghanistan Invasion

Cusimano Love Says Peace is Possible and Practical

IVAW - A Step for Tomorrow - Next on Labor Beat, starts 9/15

Veterans' changing views on the Afghanistan War

Black Agenda Report’s BRUCE DIXON to Headline Protest on the 10th Anniversary of Afghanistan War

Poet Laureate W. S. Merwin Reads in Chicago

PHOTOS: Protest — 10 years of war in Afghanistan

Video: Rally and March for Peace on 10th Anniversary of War in Afghanstan

Anti-war march to Obama's 2012 HQ; anti-mortgage bakersters event - next Labor Beat, starts 10/26

VICTORY! City drops charges against Pat Hunt for Oct. 8th action

Chicago Indymedia
From the Trenches for January: A special roundtable on Jon Burge and Chicago police torture

Chicago Independent TV in February: Net Neutrality, Wikileaks, Midwest March for Peace, About Chicago Independent TV

From The Trenches radio for February: Egypt protest, FBI repression, ICJPE conference

Chicago Independent TV for March: Egypt protest, South Side mock funeral, Beyond Jon Burge

From The Trenches radio for March: Iraq war protest, David Sirota, Chicago nuke meltdown

Chicago Independent Television in April: Chicago Protests Eight Years of War and Occupation

From The Trenches Radio for April: Japan vigil, We Are One labor rally, The Reality of "Reality TV"

From The Trenches for May: Novelist Steve Earle, The Almighty Black P Stone Nation

Chicago Independent Television for May: "We Are One" for Labor, Anti-Nuclear March, Media Reform Conference

Chicago Independent TV for June: Crawford Coal Protest, May Day 2011, New Chicago Public Schools CEO

From The Trenches Radio for June: Chicago Slutwalk, Corporate Media History

Chicago Independent TV for July: Palestine/Walk With Israel, Immigration Myths, Single Payer

From The Trenches Radio for July: Mujica on immigration, Scahill on foreign policy

Chicago Independent Television for August: Bradley Manning/Chicago Pride Parade, Chicago Water Privatization, Dumping GMOs

From The Trenches Radio for August: Sexism in "The List", Grassroots Olympics victory, Illinois water and Illinois nukes

Chicago Independent Television for October: Chicago Privatization, Olympics victory, Arab Spring Music Video

From The Trenches Radio for September: NATO involvement in Libya, Corporate Power and Corporate Laws

Chicago Independent Television for November: Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Chicago, Afghanistan War Anniversary Protest

From The Trenches Radio for October: Afghanistan War Anniversary Protest, Occupy Chicago

Chicago Independent TV in December: 9/11 Anniversary, Rahm's Sordid History, Hackergate in Chicago

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UPDATE: CIMC website switchover postponed until January

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Cold Weather Health and Safety Tips for Protesters

Where You Can Protest in Chicago and How

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