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J20 Update: protesters' info packet now downloadable from J20 website

Protesters' info packet now available from J20 website -- plus, address of convergence site listed below.
J-20 Update:

JAM's Information and Volunteer Center has a physical space!
1212 U Street Kaffa House
13th and U Street (Near U Street Cordoza Metro)

A Protestors welcome packet is now available. The materials below are all available at the convegence center. They can ALSO be downloaded from the J20 website at the following url:

If you can, please download these files from the above url and print them out to help JAM save on printing costs.

The Protesters' info packet includes:
Contact Numbers, Training Locations
Protest Schedule
Official Inaugural Schedule
1 Page Legal Information and contact info (in case of trouble) form - Please fill this out if you believe you may be arrested
1 Page medical information for protestors
Local Housing Information
Local Vegi Restaurants

See you on the streets!



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