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Bush and Saddam Agree

It is nice to see that George Bush and Saddam Hussein are finally on the same page.
It is nice to see that George Bush and Saddam Hussein are finally on the same page when it comes to getting the Israeli terrorist army out of Palestinian lands. All patriotic Americans should be thankful for his initiative--perhaps we can put him back on the CIA payroll.

Unlike Mr. Bush, Saddam is doing more than talk, he showed real leadership by closing his oil business, even at a great sacrifice to his country, to show solidarity with the Palestinians.

While Mrs Bush and Powell are begging the Israelis to withdraw at once, Sharon is taking his sweet time in continuing his militaryterrorism. This afternoon it was announced that Sharon has agreed to start vacating a couple of Palestinian towns. This may be a 10% pullout (nobody knows) and since there is no target date for completion, the pullout may last a few years.

Being the head of a rogue nuclear state, Sharon knows that he can continue to intimidate all of his neighbors and the U.S. government will not dare do anything to enforce their words.

Once again Sharon has shown Bush who is the real boss. Bush like other American presidents before him is too scared of the powerful Israeli lobby and the largely Jewish owned media to do much of anything but talk.

For the past 30 years all presidents have asked the Israelis to stop the settlements in Palestinian lands. In every case the Israelis have thumbed their noses at us. To add insult to injury they still demand that our cowardly politicians give them $4,000,000,000 a year of our tax dollars.



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