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Chicago Solidarity Rally for UK Public Workers - Labor Beat on YouTube

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Chicago_UK demo.jpg
Chicago area workers protest at Consulate General of Britain on Michigan Ave.
Photo: Labor Beat
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Nov. 30, 2011 -- At 6 different cities in the U.S., National Nurses United organized rallies today in support of public workers in the UK in their general strike. Targeted were the UK Embassy in D.C., and the Consulates General in 5 other cities, including Chicago. At the Chicago rally on Michigan Ave., attended by some 100 union supporters, were representatives from NNU, United Steel Workers, Chicago Teachers Union, Amalgamated Transit Union, UNITE HERE, and others. Interviews and speeches from Jean Ross (one of the 3 Presidents of the NNU); Steve Kramer (USW 9777); Robert Reiter, Jr. (Sec. Treas. of Chicago Federation of Labor); Jackson Potter (Staff Coordinator, Chicago Teachers Union); Carlos Acevedo (Assistant to the Trustee, Amalgamated Transit Union Local 241). Length - 3:55

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