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Justice for Anna Mustafa

Support Anna Mustafa at her court date tomorrow
Justice For Anna Mustafa!

On December 28, 2001, Anna Mustafa was en route to her father’s funeral in the West Bank when at O’Hare Airport she was stopped because she is Arab, interrogated and then has been charged with three felony "disorderly conduct" charges. This kind of illegal racial profiling on the basis of ethnicity and religion has lead to detention of thousands of Arab Americans and Arab nationals across this country. Anna Mustafa’s nightmare did not end there though, she was also illegally suspended from her job with the city of Chicago as a court clerk, without pay—which is a clear violation of her union contract with the city and then fired with no due process.

Anna Mustafa has lived in Chicago for 43 years and has been a pillar of the Chicago community. She was the first Arab American appointed by Mayor Richard Daley to serve as one of 15 on the Chicago School Board. Her life has been turned upside down by these racist attacks.

Anna’s next court date is tomorrow April 9th , at 9:30am in Room 304 at 26th and California. We ask that people show at 9am , outside the court building, to help circulate petitions about her case.



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