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National Campus Day of Action for Palestinian Rights

National Campus Day of Action for Palestinian Rights
Students Demand University Divestment. In response to
increased Israeli military aggression and the total
siege of Palestinian society, students across the
country will hold a national day of action on April
This national day of action, in solidarity with the
people of Palestine, will demand university divestment
from Israel and will commemorate the 1948 massacre in
the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin, which was one
in a series of ethnic cleansing operations conducted
by Zionist militia against the indigenous Palestinian

Scheduled Actions:

UC Berkeley: Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP)
will be holding a rally and direct action on the UC
Berkeley campus at noon on Sproul Plaza. (Public
contact justiceinpalestine (at),(510) 496-1269

San Francisco State University: The General Union of
Palestinian Students (GUPS) will also be holding a
march and protest which will begin at 12:30 pm in
Malcolm X Plaza on the SFSU campus (Public contact
(650) 291-7615).

UC Davis: Students for Justice in Palestine will hold
a rally and evening teach-in on their campus (Public
contact justiceforpalestine (at)

Montclair State University (New Jersey): Students will
hold an educational event entitled "Recipe for
Disaster: A look at America's Involvement in the
Middle East".

Ohio State University: A rally and street theater
organized by students at Ohio State University will
highlight human rights abuses of the Israeli

University of Minnesota: Students will demand
university divestment in a protest at the Minneapolis
Federal Courts Building.

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign: Students will
be holding a day of action and educational events,
including street theater, film screenings and a public
rally. (contact Urbana-Champaign Unity and Struggle:
ucusnow (at)

Carnegie Mellon University (Pennsylvania): A National
Palestine Week (April 8-12th)has been organized by
students. They will be having teach-ins, slide shows,
eyewitness accounts, film screenings and a vigil.
(contact the Arab Student Organization and Palestine
Solidarity Committee).

University of Washington: Students will be holding a
vigil with visual demonstrations in the UW Campus
Center. They will also host a teach-in and screen a
documentary film.



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