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Anti-Capitalists Against Sharon and Racism

Invitation for Anti-Capitalists to engage the instruments of war in Washington, DC April 22nd. Direct Action for Palestine.
Call for Anti-Capitalist Action Against Sharon and Racism

A war is currently being waged against the Palestinian people by the state of Israel and by the United States. Their prime motivation is not to protect Israel, but to protect the elite and their agenda of corporate globalization. The Israeli military is forcing people from their homes and killing innocent civilians in cold blood, while the people of Palestine are fighting to keep their homeland. This war is funded by US tax dollars, and directed by the war criminal Ariel Sharon, who fully supports the atrocities committed by the Israeli military.

We refuse to support this racist brutality which has led to thousands of deaths, and left many more people homeless. We intend to show our resistance to the Israeli occupation of Palestine territories, and to the capitalist system which perpetuates this kind of violence, through whatever means are necessary.

On April 22, Ariel Sharon will be arriving in Washington, DC, to speak at the annual conference of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). The A22 Collective is calling for militant, anti-capitalist action on that day to show our opposition to the war criminal Sharon and our solidarity with the people of Palestine. We cannot support the racist policies of Sharon, the state of Israel, and its chief supporters in the United States, AIPAC.

We invite those who are interested to join us in direct action, or to create their own affinity groups to perform autonomous actions. We also call for an anti-capitalist bloc to be formed at the protest outside the AIPAC conference, as we join with many other groups to denounce the policies of war criminal Ariel Sharon.

We can no longer remain silent. The situation in the occupied territories worsens every day, and no end is in sight. We demand that this state-led terrorism be stopped.

While we plan to use militant direct action to demonstrate our own opposition, we support a diversity of tactics, and ask that everyone who opposes the war against Palestine show their opposition on April 22 through whatever means they feel are effective.

Although we condemn the policies of Ariel Sharon and the Israeli military, we stress that we are not against Judaism or the Jewish people. Indeed, we seek a world where all religions and cultures are given an opportunity to flourish, free of oppression from governments and institutions that promote fear, hate, and war.

The A22 Collective will be holding a spokes council meeting the night of Saturday, April 20 to plan our actions. The location for this meeting will be announced at a later date. Affinity groups should send a spoke to that meeting to discuss several preplanned scenarios. Updates and more information at Contact phone number will be posted soon.



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