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New Program Offers Free Talking Meters and Financial Help to Illinois Diabetics On Medicare and Medicaid
If you are recently unemployed or credit problems are holding you back from starting a business, buying a home or new car, here is important news. Government and private lending institutions are now joining forces to stimulate the national economy and make it easier for people with poor credit ratings to get low-interest loans.

In addition to new financial resources to help the unemployed re-enter the job market,Money is available for job training.
Paying for Medications Out Of Your Pocket?
Neglecting Dental Care Because of Dental Costs?
Employed or Un-Employed with No Benefits?
Uninsured...Underinsured... or Uninsurable?
Tired of paying too much for health benefits?

Millions are available to help with prescriptions costs and funding for patients who have the following symptoms. Diabetes Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Cancer, Leukemia and Arthritis.

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