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Expose the Mideast Cover-up of the Corporate Media

Corporate media are keeping the American people from knowing what is really going on in the Middle East; we must find ways to break through this information blockade.
Those of us who have been following, through alternative and international media, the brutal Israeli attacks on Palestine can easily forget that the mass of the American public is not getting this story, except in very diluted form.
The corporate press sometimes tells outright lies, but more often it distorts the truth by the things it manages to omit. In the current situation, the following is typical:
*Corporate media take at face value the claims of the Israeli regime that the assault on Palestine is simply a response to the suicide bombings. They do not give the reader, listener or watcher the background information, for example, that the whole Likud crowd (and not only the Likud crowd) have always stated the goal of driving all the Arabs out of Palestine, or that Sharon in particular has a long history of violent "ethnic cleansing" activity aimed at Palestinians (Sabra and Shatila was one episode among many. Thus, the American public is led to believe that the Palestinians have all gone crazy from anti-Jewish bigotry.
*The stories we are reading and hearing about Israeli Defense Forces firing on ambulances, blocking access to medical care for the injured, arresting and firing on press, using Palestinian civilians as human shields, and carrying out summary executions of people they have captured, is getting very little coverage in the corporate press. All of these things are crimes against humanity and violations of international law, but we are not being told that in our media.
*Incidents like the siege of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Bethlehem are twisted around to fit the image of the "crazy Arab terrorists on the rampage against the Christian shrines and everything else we hold sacred", which is not what is being said by the Christian clergy on the scene. Likewise, the strong remonstrations against Israeli policy by every other political state in the world, including all the US's international allies, are not being given much play in the press here.
*Occasionally at one of the demonstrations, someone will come up with a sign equating the Jewish Star of David symbol with the Nazi swastika. This happens to be wrong and counter-productive, because the Star of David represents the Jewish people and religion, not just the Israeli state and leadership--such a juxtaposition should be avoided, though calling Sharon a fascist is certainly no exaggeration. Yet the TV cameras will make a beeline for that poster, even if it is only one in a thousand being carried in a demostration. They will tend to ignore the sign carried by Jewish groups that oppose Sharon, or those that oppose suicide bombings. This also works to reinforce the carefully nurtured stereotype of the "crazy and fanatical Arabs" who can only be controlled by force.
Thus, we need to understand that we have to work around and against these bourgeois media as well as protesting to pressure the US government. None of these sins of commmission and omission by the corporate media should take us by surprise by now, but nor can we just shrug our shoulders and say that there is nothing you can do about it.
To do this, we need to hone our analysis of how the media works and why. We also have to have a continual truth-squad function and not let Fox news or the Chicago Sun-Times get away with a single lie.



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