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Chicago counter-inaugural activities on Jan 20

If you can't go to Washington DC to express your contempt for an electoral system that has nothing but contempt for you, the following are events where you can vent your rage.
We just experienced an election coup by a man who bought the primary
election then stole the general election with the aid of a black-robed
gang of 5 working out of their hiding place in U.S. Supremacist Court.
Most U.S. citizens are in denial. Denial is the refuge that allows
Hitlers and Stalins to rise to power.

If you can't go to Washington DC, there are several events occurring
locally. One is a rally at noon at the Federal Plaza sponsored by the
Rainbow/Push Coalition. That evening, you can visit the Heartland Cafe
for an evening of counter inaugural entertainment.

<< The Heartland Cafe's Annual

January Birthday Celebration &
Anti-Inaugural Ball

A celebration

Honoring All January Birthdays
Protesting DC's New Regime

Saturday • January 20 • 9 pm

EVERYONE WELCOME • $5 (NO COVER for January birthdays)

Jade Maze & Company
Get Ready to dance! FUNK, SOUL, R‘N’B!
Warren Lemming LEADS A GROUP SING of his “Battle Hymn of the Voter”
(to the tune of the battle hymn of the republic)

Honoring Our Heroes
Dr. King (1-15) & Muhammad Ali (1-17)

Hosted by
Michael James (1-16) • Paige James (1-21) • Katy Hogan (1-22)



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