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The Shortwave Report 1/12/01

The Shortwave Report is a 30 minute review of news stories and opinions recorded off a shortwave radio. New show 2nd and 4th Friday 9am. Broadcasters include Netherlands, Cuba Germany, Spain, China, Russia and others. News that is "overlooked" by the US media. mp3 format, free to rebroadcast. Includes time and frequencies for English-language broadcasts.
The Shortwave Report 1/12/01 includes several stories about Depleted Uranium/Balkan Syndrome, Denmark and Star Wars, Mexican Pres Fox and Zapatistas, Ecquador, Pfizer, and Greenpeace. Stories from Radio Netherlands, Deutsche Welle, Radio Havana Cuba, Radio Spain. All in English, 13.5mb mp3, 30:28. Free to rebroadcast upon notification. There is a new show every 2nd and 4th Friday by 9am.



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