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Press coverage of today's protest on the 8th anniversary of the Iraq invasion

In addition to the host of independent media projects covering today's protest on the 8th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, corporate press coverage was much better than usual.

Please post additional links to indy and other coverage as they become available.
Closing rally3.jpg
FBI raid target Stephanie Weiner addresses the crowd at today's closing rally, about 200 feet from the scene of Chicago's largest-ever mass arrest at the start of the Iraq war. Nearly eight years later, attorneys with the National Lawyers Guild won a huge victory a few days ago, winning an appeal concerning the false arrests of over 900 people.
Anti-War Activists Mark 8th Anniversary Of Iraq War

#2 on their on-line feed and broadcast cycling at least hourly
In collaboration with Sun-Times newswire

Hundreds March in Mag Mile Anti-War Protest
Channel 5 – WMAQ-TV

#2 on their website

1,500 protest occupation of iraq, libya
Channel 7 – WLS-TV

Chicago demonstraters mark eighth year of Iraq War
Chicago Tribune

Downtown anti-war demonstrations peaceful
Chicago Sun-Times

Okay, and Fox really needs to update their website:
CTA Bus Delays Expected Due to Anti-War March
Channel 32 – Fox News Chicago

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