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J-20 Update: Jail Solidarity-Legal Defense Hotline

Update from "After Midnight" on solidarity/legal defense for activists planning on engaging in direct action during counter-inaugural protests. Stay tuned to Chicago IMC for further updates and contact info.
TO: All who plan direct action/civil disobedience activities during and related to the Presidential Inauguration on January 20th.

After Midnight will be the hotline for those arrested to contact in order to pass information on to affinity groups, family, attorneys, employers, etc.

We will also be in contact with the legal observers and medical, as well as the attorneys who will be representing arrestees. We will post a number this week for anyone to call to find out about those arrested/detained.

HOTLINE NUMBER IS: (202) 842-4479 202 THC-HIPY

Thank you.
chas - After Midnight



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