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the lights - a poem for mother

it's hard to summarize a poem
so i guess i won't do it
the lights
a poem for mother
starlene rankin
green organizer

last night, i sat on the bench for about 15 minutes waiting for my train
i had a great view of the freeway
as i looked down on the bright headlights
the loud, chorus like, roar of the engines was almost overwhelming
i had to turn up my headset to not hear it
my indigo girls sang to me and comforted me
while my frustration grew

frustration with mainstream media that they waste so much valuable time
electronic media is such a important tool in this little democracy of ours

frustration with the leadership in our government
that they so easily let money come before the people

frustration with the elite
that they choose liberalism, while the earth cries for radical change

i watched the river of lights
and thought
about the ice
about the oceans
about the seals
about the polar bears
about the fish
about the land
about the sky
about us

i thought about the warnings we're receiving
that confirm that we're in a global climate crisis

i listened to the music, i watched the lights and i prayed
that i could stop the cars for just a moment and the people would get out of their cars wondering why they weren't moving anymore and they would start talking to each other about the need to get from place to place and how we could solve our little problem of having no working cars

that would be a great to see happen
because wonderful things would happen!
harmony with nature

"spirit and nature dancing together" is one of the chants i sing
a simple, meaningful phrase
and an incredible experience
that comes with building community and local economy
that comes with justice and equality
that comes with honoring people, plants and animals
that comes with saving the earth!

om nama shivaya



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