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Bethlehem Mayor says Israeli army is ransacking towns

Occupied Jerusalem: 3 April, 2002 (IAP News) Bethlehem mayor Hanna Nasser has accused the Israeli troops of ransacking his town and perpetrating war crimes against innocent civilians. "The bodies of the dead are left in the streets, and wounded are bleeding to death while the Israeli army is refusing rescuers to move in the city."
(post,courtesy, IAP news)
"This is unacceptable from the humanitarian perspective… this is unacceptable." He added.

Nasser warned the Israeli army against attacking the Church of the Nativity where three hundred citizens sought haven from Israeli bombardment.

"I advise the Israeli army to think a thousand times before attacking the Church," said Nasser.

He pointed out that the Israeli army was indulging in "indiscriminate killing" and "occupying religious places."

Nasser said the Israeli invaders ordered all journalists and correspondents into one hotel, telling them not to film any "military activity because we will do whatever we want to do."

Nasser said as many as 17 Palestinians, most of them civilians, have been killed by Israeli bullets or in aerial and artillery bombardment of civilian neighborhoods in the city.

He said Red Cross rescuers were utterly unable to reach those killed or injured "because the Israeli army is shooting anything moving."

Earlier, Christian clergymen in Jerusalem and Bethlehem appealed to US President Bush to force Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to put an end to his army's rampage in Palestinian towns.

The Israeli army on Wednesday turned back more than a hundred clergymen who
sought to come to Bethlehem from Jerusalem to express solidarity with the
beleaguered inhabitants of the city.
We have a responsibility to support the Palestinian people and act to prevent further violence.

Please call the White House now at 202-456-1414 Tell them firmly but politely that the atrocities being committed must be stopped immediately.

The lives of Israeli citizens and Palestinians are been sacrificed on behalf of the illegal Israeli settlers in occupied Palatine. We have a voice, so we must call out to our governments and the press. Let us not look back on this time and have to tell our grandchildren that we did nothing while Imperialist, Zionist powers massacred a Nation and its people.

Click on this link for a huge activist kit.


Click here to write an email to
Mr. Dick Cheney
Secretary Colin Powell
Defense Public Relations Director Hadasa Klepfish
Defense Spokesperson Shlomo Dror
Mr. George Bush
Prime Minister's Public Relations Director Rutti Bait
Defense Managing Director Amos Yaron
Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Michael Melchior
Prime Minister's Managing Director Avigdor Yitzhaki
Prime Minister's Spokesperson Arnon Pearlman-Tzadok
Minister of Foreign Affairs Shimon Peres
Deputy Minister of Defense Dalya Rabin-Philosof
Progressive Portal File
Foreign Affairs Director-General Avi Gil
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon
Minister of Defense Benjamin Ben Eliezer

The petition below will help the lawyers in Belgium who are suing Ariel Sharon for war crimes.

They need 1,000,000 signatures. They currently have 304,551

Please sign and forward the petition to all your contacts.



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