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American Media Gone mad

Viewers to CNBC "AmericaNow" & "Chris Mathews" programs last night witnessed rabid outburts of yankocentric hysteria.
Viewers to CNBC "AmericaNow" & "Chris Mathews" programs last night witnessed rabid outburts of yankocentric hysteria. As Bob Gergen tried to reason, both program hosts
Kudlow & Crammer lashed out on what is fast becoming the popular american opinion on the mid east crisis, fear of the suicide bomber. Are these hosts lamenting the fact Palestinians have no military armament to match the Israelis and are reduced to suicide bombings? Later, Chris Mathews became obsessed by the same fear, constantly interrupting his guests. These talkshow hosts have lost all perspective. However, during these broadcasts it became clear what the subtext of this rabid hysteria is. It's the challenge by unsophisticated suicided bombers to the U.S. military global power rather than the plight of desperation by an oppressed people.
Unbelieveable as it is, it's this yankocentric hysteria
of global events by the U.S. media which has become the real danger.
The constant labelling of suicide bombers as "terrorists" by the U.S. media (especially during last night's shows) is subjectively absurd. Who is a terrorist? Was George
Washington labelled a terrorist when he fought the British? Didn't he fight for his land & rights? Do oppressed Palestinians lacking in military support and reduced to suicide bombings not have the same perspective? The U.S. media will not accept this and nor does the U.S. administration. Yet the U.S. continues to impose yankocentric values. It's moral authority is gone and it's no wonder that the E.U. now demands that the U.S. step aside and let it mediate.
The U.S. foreign policy is bankrupt and now the rabid maddess of the TV media has spun into american hysteria. We can only assume that it appears to be driven by the fear of loss of economic wealth that may result by the loss of the
"Pax Americana".
This American vulnerability is the achilles heel that Europeans and Isalmic nations must exploit. This potential action has prompted the Fed chair notice.

Take a stance. Europeans can sell the U.S. dollar & boycott U.S. products, the oil producing states can simply not export more than their oil quotas.



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