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Beirut: Thousands clash with police in protest -and other demos around the world

WASHINGTON –– The Bush administration's strong support for Israel could hurt its efforts to get Arab and Islamic nations to help stop the al-Qaida terrorist network, some experts believe.
Beirut: Thousands clash with police in protest against Israel + other worldwide protests
by Associated Press • Wednesday April 03, 2002 at 10:08 AM

A list of recent protests all over the world against Israel and in support of Palestinians - the whole world is watching and the whole world fights with you.

BEIRUT, Lebanon - Lebanese and Palestinians shredded an American flag and clashed with security forces outside the fortified U.S. Embassy compound, one of many angry protests aimed at Israel and a United
States accused throughout the Arab world of blindly supporting Israeli actions.

PARIS - Thousands of demonstrators marched in Paris on Tuesday to protest Israel's offensives in
Palestinian areas and the confinement of Yasser Arafat

THESSALONIKI, Greece - More than a thousand demonstrators chanting "Sharon Murderer" rallied
in this northern Greek city Tuesday to protest Israel's military offensive in Palestinian areas.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - Some 2,000 demonstrators, including two boys dressed to resemble suicide bombers, held photographs of Yasser Arafat and waved Palestinian flags on Tuesday in Copenhagen to protest Israel's drive to isolate the Palestinian leader and crack down on militants.

BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) - Protesters advocating Palestinian statehood shut down access to an
interstate highway near the campus of the University of California, Berkeley for about four hours.

JAKARTA, Indonesia - Hundreds of Muslim students rallied in major Indonesian cities Wednesday to demand that the Israeli military withdraw from Palestinian territory.

DEARBORN, Mich. - Hundreds of people carrying Palestinian and American flags marched Monday to protest the recent wave of Israeli military action in the Middle East.



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