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Excerpts from Tuesday's Colin Powell interviews

On Tuesday Colin Powell called every US TV network and asked to speak to the American public. During the six interviews he gave he made utterly ridiculous statements and outrageous lies. He also spoke candidly, clarifying the US definition of a terrorist. Here are the highlights from the interviews. The full transcripts are available at
Secretary Colin L. Powell speaks with...

...Bryant Gumble (CBS)

SECRETARY POWELL: We have talked to Prime Minister Sharon about [UN Res. 1402] and suggested to him that, you know, we see what you're doing, we know that you have an inherent right of self-defense, but you need to do this, whatever you're doing, get it over with as quickly as possible. And he has reaffirmed that he has no intention of staying within those Palestinian areas, because no matter how many tanks go through how many villages, at the end of this process you will still have suicide bombers.

SECRETARY POWELL: would not serve our purpose right now to brand [Arafat] individually as a terrorist.

with Diane Sawyer (ABC)

SECRETARY POWELL: ...what [Israel is] doing, what they're doing is routing out terrorists. What they're doing is picking up weapons. What they're doing is trying to destroy this infrastructure of terrorism...

Israeli Army Bombs Commercial Center (photo by Mahfouz Abu Turk)

...And we understand that.

...E.D. Donahey (FNC)

SECRETARY POWELL: When this current, terrible crisis we are in right now passes -- the Israeli army finishes its sweeps of these various cities and towns...

Image courtesy of Global Exchange

...we will be right back to seeking a political solution.

SECRETARY POWELL: [Arafat is] in Ramallah. That is the headquarters of the Palestinian Authority. I'm pleased that the Israelis recognize it would be wise not to kill him or harm him, although he has been inconvenienced...

...Paula Zahn (CNN)

MS. ZAHN: many more days of these kinds of activities...can go on before you will declare him a terrorist?

Of course Zahn wasn't talking about this terrorist.

SECRETARY POWELL: Well, these are terrorist activities, and we condemn them. There is no question what they are. They are killing
innocent civilians. But Chairman Arafat still has a legitimate role within the Palestinian movement, and we think at this point it is best to
deal with him in that role and see if we can move the process forward, rather than to designate him as such.

Editor's Note: To paraphrase the US Secretary of State: A terrorist is not a terrorist in the eyes of the US until it "serves our purpose" to designate him or her as such.
A journalist from Mars couldn't have said it better.




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