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new site!!!

We have just started a website, based out of Boston, MA, that includes all senators, reps, and major media outlets in the U.S. We did this to make it easier for people who want to write these particular people. This way they don't have to search all over the web for these addresses.

Please write your senators, reps, and media to insure that they know about the situation in Palestine right now. Hopefully, if we can bombard them with enough e-mails, letters, and phone calls they will take the correct action and pull Israel out of Palestine. In the next few days and weeks we will also be adding events that are taking place surrounding the Palestine/ Israel conflict. If you know of any events please e-mail us. Also we need help writing a petition to all US senators, representatives, and GW and Dick. If you are interested in helping us do this, please e-mail us at resisttheoccupation (at)">resisttheoccupation (at)




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