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Consumption Awareness on Big Business Day

Whirl-Mart Consumption Awareness Teams gear up for Big Business weekend. On April 6th or 7th, 9 locations will activate Whirl-Mart. To date, they are:

Bay Area, CA Troy/Albany, NY
Hudson, NY
Pittsburgh, PA
Scranton, PA
Austin, TX
Denton, TX
Indianola, IA

find local contact information on the website below.
Whirl-Mart is about reclamation. It is culture-jamming. It is live shopping cart art. It is a phenomenon.


we push empty carts.

What started as a small-time situationist experiment in upstate NY in April 2001 has now, a year later, spread across the country and the world. A network of Whirl-Mart contacts and organizers from Australia to Oregon to Florida to Germany has been created and continues to develop.

On the first Sunday of every month, groups enter superstores and push empty carts in a line that weaves, wanders, and whirls throughout the aisles for about an hour. The ritual is intended to be a living symbol of resistance to consumerist attitudes and messages that dominate every aspect of society. Whirl-Marters ritualize their resistance by devoting an hour a month to not-shopping....taking a timeout to consciously resist the dominant ideology and express it collectively with a group of like-minded fools.

Actually, its pretty fun, and a very interesting way to experience commercial space. Feedback from participants over the past year has been overwhelmingly positive. (There are some interviews up on People generally find it trancelike, exhilerating, thought provoking, etc.

Whats the point???
That has typically been the response from people like the NY post and Capitalism Magazine, but also from a few hardline direct action-oriented activists. Whirl-Mart is created by people who take part in direct actions and continue to stand by these methods of protest, but also see the need for new forms of creative resistance to be developed that can reach new audiences in new venues and explore new tactics.

We encourage a dialogue around creativity in tactics and ritual resistance....

got ideas?



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