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As a friendly reminder, Sheet Metal Workers Local 73 in Chicago
will be accepting apprenticeship applications starting tomorrow.
Please tell someone you know who may be interested.
Let's see more union workers. It's YOUR FUTURE !

I received a call from Rocco Terranova from Sheet Metal Workers'
Local 73 in Chicago. An announcement will be made at Friday night's
union meeting regarding Local 73's plans to put together buses
for it's members to rally at a Springfield, IL April 24th legislative
Our union's president, Stanley Karczynski, and organizer Rocco Terranova
were recently praised at the V&V Victory Rally in November for their
aggressive organizing attempts and willingness to "take the bull by the horns"
by Chicago Federation of Labor's Tim Leahy.
Local 73's members should contact the union to become part of this
historic rally on April 24th.
Them "good old war mongering heroes" at Local 73 are ready to take
Springfield by storm. (before Rod Blagojevich moves in)
What about YOUR union ? Perhaps you should wake them up.

We have a Workers' Rights Board Hearing this Saturday in Chicago.

Don't forget to set your clocks one hour AHEAD this Sunday.
Spring ahead, fall back.

Please pass this on to a few concerned friends.

In Solidarity, and Union YES !
Bob :)



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