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IMC-Palestine Update from Bethlehem

Latest update from IMC-Palestine, Monday, April 1, 2002, 11:30 p.m., CST.
Monday, April 1, 2002, 11:30 p.m., CST

0601: URGENT UPDATE: Internationals in Ayda refugee camp are reporting heavy gunfire and IDF soldiers on the ground swarming throughout the camp. An Italian national, Ricardo, has just reported that the soldiers have taken over a house next to him and are firing from the roof.
The international civilians are again repeating their plea for representitives from their respective governments to please come to Bethlehem and help stop the atrocities that are occurring right now in Ayda refugee camp.

0230: At the Ibda'a computer center we are experiencing massive fighting going on outside. We can hear clearly a tank rolling by the building and there is massive tank fire, mortar fire and gun clashes. It appears that the IDF have entered Dehaishe via the Ibda'a entrance. We are all on the floor as the very loud shots occur outside.

0145:Five tanks are coming into Beit Sahour led by a bulldozer past the YMCA. We are experiencing helicopter fire and Dehaishe refugee camp has soldiers conducting house to house searches.

2340: We have just received reports that the Israeli military has begun house to house searches in Dehaishe refugee camp and we are seeing F-16's fliying overhead now.



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