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IMC-Palestine: Resistance to IDF: "Write your wills before coming to Bethlehem"

Latest update from IMC-Palestine
- Fateh and Tanzim Warn IDF: "If you have to write your wills, do it before you come to Bethlehem"

Fateh, Tanzim and the popular resistance has issued a warning to Israeli Occupation Forces regarding their impending invasion of Bethlehem and Dehaishe.

- BBC Live interviews with demonstrators and footage showing the attack on the unarmed protestors and BBC reporters in Beit Jala


April 01, 2002 1600:The situation in Ramallah has deteriorated dramatically in the past few hours.

Explosions are occurring throughout the city. Israeli soldiers are trying to forcible evict an Italian Peace Delegation headed by MEP Luisa Morgantini from the offices of the Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees. The army has destroyed a building next to the UPMRC. Witnesses describe how five Palestinians and two Italians were made to kneel on the ground at gunpoint. Anti-aircraft missiles have been used against buildings. Anti- tank missiles have been used against Palestinian gunman. Red cross ambulances are attempting to deliver food and medical supplies to the Presidential compound they have been denied access for over two hours. The Israeli army has set up equipment around the compound which is interfering with communications from those in the compound to the outside world. There is a dire shortage of food inside the compound and there is no running water. The international civilians have again reiterated their plea for their ambassadors to come to Ramallah immediately.

Twelve international civilians are at the hospital and have been all day to preventing Israeli forces from entering. The three Palestinian medics arrested yesterday were released late in the night in an unknown location. They had to make their way home on foot. The ten French civilians are now in Jerusalem and are being deported. the group includes Jose Bove.



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