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Palestine Chronicle: Invasion of Tulkarm; Bethlehem shelled

Latest Update: Invasion of Tulkarm; Bethlehem shelled; Egyptians clash with police; protests in China; Arafat fenced; more dead in Ramallah; more Israeli soldiers wounded.
Abu Ghneim shelled: (4: 15 PM GMT) Israel shelled a Palestinian area near the occupied city of East Jerusalem. The shelling took place in the Abu Ghneim Mountain area. A Palestinian lady was seriously wounded in the attack. Israel says that the attack was a response to firing at a military post.

Invasion of Tulkarm (3: 45 PM GMT): Israel’s invasion of Tulkarm is taking a bloodier turn than expected. Bodies of dead Palestinians are said to be lying in the streets. Medical workers and international humanitarian organizations are not allowed to reach the dead or wounded. Fighting in the town continues.

Clashes in Egypt (3: 30 PM GMT): Tens of thousands of Egyptian took to the streets in Cairo, and attempted to reach the Israeli embassy. Egyptian police clashed with the protesters who confronted army vehicles and tried to block its movement. News reporters indicate that five Egyptians were wounded in the clashes and many arrested.

Marches around the world (3: 00 GMT): Thousands of people continued to march all over the world, in support of the Palestinian struggle, in the Middle East, the United States, Europe and for the first time since the outbreak of the Palestinian uprising, China.

Attack on Bethlehem (2: 45 PM GMT): The Israeli army attack and invasion of the greater Bethlehem area continue. There were many Palestinians who were reportedly wounded. Dozens of tanks are being used in the assault. Palestinian resistance is said to have been holding up strongly in various parts of the city, especially near the nearby refugee camps, Deheisha, Azza and Aida.

Ramallah's dead (2: 15 PM GMT): The number of Palestinians killed in Ramallah went up to 25 as more people are being found dead, some executed. Hospital sources say that Israel refuses to allow the burial of dead Palestinians. In some instances, Palestinian families are not allowed to see the bodies of their sons or daughters, or visit their wounded.

Arafat fenced (1: 45 PM GMT): Following a declaration by the Israeli government to “completely isolate” the Palestinian President, the Israeli army laid a fence around the office of the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. The extra isolation is apparently a response to attempts by internationals to reach the President and provide a human shield by remaining with him in the office. Ten internationals have been arrested. However, there are several internationals that are staying in the President’s office and insists to stay until the end. Some of those activists are reportedly from France, Brazil, the United States and various other European countries.

More soldiers wounded (1: 00 PM GMT): 8 Israeli soldiers were wounded in clashes with resistance fighters in Ramallah. 8 more, some in a very critical condition, were wounded in Qalqilya when a bomb went off near the center of the city.

Qalqilya Invasion: The Israeli army has occupied the Palestinian town of Qalqilya in full, however not without Palestinian resistance. Palestinian fighters and residents have already staged their first attack on the invading army, as a bomb exploding in Israeli troops who took over the city’s headquarters. Initial reports indicate that 8 Israeli troops were wounded, four seriously. Unconfirmed reports say that there were a few deaths among the soldiers. Palestinian casualties are yet to be reported. Over 100 Israeli army tanks are taking part in the assault. The Israeli army has shelled many buildings and neighbored inflicting sever damage on the city.



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