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J-20 Update: Convergence space opens Jan.17, medical, legal info now online.

A new Inaugurauction Information and Volunteer Center (convergence space) will open on January 17 in DC. Legal and medical guides for protestors are now online at the DC based Justice Action Movement website -
- J-20 InaugurAuction Update -

A Information and Volunteer Center (convergence space) is expected to open on Wednesday, January 17 for demonstrators coming to DC to participate in counter-inaugural actions on January 20. Sponsored by the Justice Action Movement, the Center is located at:

1212 U Street Kaffa House
13th and U Street
(Near U Street Cordoza Metro)

Setup Wed, Jan 17th, 9AM-3PM
Open Wed, Jan 17th, 3PM-10PM
Open Thurs & Fri Jan 18-19th, 9AM-10PM
* No workshops or trainings will be held at this center.

A legal guide to effective participation in inaugural protests and medical information for protestors is now online at the Justice Action Movement website.

The legal guide was prepared by the Partnership for Civil Justice, a civil rights, women's rights and economic jusstice public interest law firm that has coordinated much of the legal wrangling that JAM, IAC and other groups have been engaged in with DC authorities.

A new first aid guide , "Medical Information for Protestors, is also on line at the JAM website. The guide was produced by the "On the Ground Street Medical Collective", based in Syracuse, NY, with the collaboration of the Colorado Street Medics, Medicine for Activists Seeking Health and Healing (MASHH) and the Black Cross Health Collective. The DC medical team is being coordinated by James Creedon. Contact him at jhcreedon (at) for more info on how you can help.



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