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Palestine Chronicle: Qalqilya, Bethlehem invaded; Tulkarm under attack

Latest Update: Qalqilya, Bethlehem invaded; Tulkarm under attack; bomb explodes in Qalqilya wounds Israeli soldiers; Israel to “completely isolate” the Palestinian leader
\Around the Clock Update:

Qalqilya Invasion: The Israeli army has occupied the Palestinian town of Qalqilya in full, however not without Palestinian resistance. Palestinian fighters and residents have already staged their first attack on the invading army, as a bomb exploding in Israeli troops who took over the city’s headquarters. Initial reports indicate that 8 Israeli troops were wounded, four seriously. Unconfirmed reports say that there were a few deaths among the soldiers. Palestinian casualties are yet to be reported. Over 100 Israeli army tanks are taking part in the assault. The Israeli army has shelled many buildings and neighbored inflicting sever damage on the city.

Bethlehem Invasion: Palestinian fighters and residents are confronting Israeli forces that is attempting to consolidating its grip on the predominately Christian Palestinian town. The invasion followed heavy firing from several directions.

Arafat’s siege: Israeli defense minister Ben Eleizer said that he gave orders to Israeli troops surrounding the President’s office to tighten their siege and to “completely isolate” the Palestinian Leader. The orders were made after over 30 internationals from various countries around the world, mainly France managed to reach the Palestinian leaders to show their support. Some of the activists have decided to remain with Arafat as a human shield.

17 dead: News reports from Ramallah indicate that families of 17 Palestinians killed and executed by the Israeli army in the last three days are denied access to have them buried. Medical workers, Red Cross and Red Crescent are also denied access to the city of Ramallah, as well as the press. One new dead Palestinian was found today in Ramallah after being shot by Israeli troops.

Tulkarm next:Hundreds of Israeli tanks and army vehicles are reportedly amassing near the Palestinian town of Tulkarm. Israeli troops have already begun an incursion into the city. Tulkarm is expected to be invaded in the early morning hours.

Peres’ comments: Israeli foreign minister Shimon Peres said today in a press conference that Israel’s war is not an oppressive war but a necessity that Israel needs to survive.

Bethlehem under attack: Israel is invading the Palestinian city of Bethlehem. News reports indicate that the entire area of Bethlehem is being invaded while heavy shelling by Israeli tanks continue. Palestinian fighters and residents took to the street to defend their city. Palestinians are fearing an Israeli massacre at the Nativity Church in Bethlehem which came under heavy shelling in the past. Bethlehem is a predominantly Christian town and was recently a target for a similar invasion which resulted in the death and wounding of hundreds.



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