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Orthodox Jews burn Israeli flag

This week, orthodox Jews around the world - including Jews in Manchester and London - burnt the Israeli flag to show their opposition to the Zionist state.
Statement from Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, spokesman for Neturei Karta International:

The Zionist experiment has reached its inevitable conclusion. Death tolls mount and no viable solution is in sight. Slowly the Jewish people are awakening to the reality of Zionism, its rejection of Torah views of exile and redemption, combined with its aggressive stance towards Gentiles in general and Palestinians in particular.

By burning the Israeli flag we are symbolically declaring that the Israeli state, contrary to its absurd claims, is not representative of the Jewish people. In fact, its denial of our faith and its brutalization of the Palestinian people, renders it antithetical to Judaism.

The timing of the flag burning is seen as particularly significant. "Tuesday is Purim, a holiday remembering the victory of faith over barbarism and good over evil, in ancient times. It is appropriate that we repudiate the contemporary heresy and violence of Zionism on this day.

Zionism refuses to accept our status as people in exile. This is metaphysical impudence. It is the task of world Jewry to remain patriotic citizens of the lands of their dispersion and pursue peace with all men. In the Holy Land , this means welcoming Palestinian sovereignty over the land. Accordingly, we will carry the Palestinian flag at the flag burnings.

The rejection of Zionism is the only path to peace. We hope that many Jews will participate in this international event.



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