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Visa Denied to Former Guatemalan Peace Negotiator/Guerrilla Commander

We appologize for the short notice of this development, but we were just notified via the U.S. Embassy in Guatemala. Please circulate this widely to everyone who you might have invited to our events.
Rodrigo Asturias, the son of Nobel Literature Laureate Miguel Angel Asturias was due to arrive in Chicago's O'Hare Airport Tuesday, September 26 in order to attend a series of public presentations in various universities (DePaul University and the University of Illinois) as well community centers throughout the Chicagoland area. However Casa Guatemala was informed officially this morning that the U.S. Embassy in Guatemala has denied Mr. Asturias entry to the U.S. General Council of the U.S. Embassy in Guatemala Mr. Peter Kostner cited the URNG's (Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity) appearance on the State Department's list of "Terrorist Organizations" as the reason for the denial. Mr. Asturias holds the second highest office in the URNG.

A celebration planned to commemorate Mr. Asturias' father Miguel Angel Asturias' 101st Birthday will go on without the presence of the guest of honor: Rodrigo Asturias. The celebration will be held Saturday, September 30 at 7:00PM at the Dulce Vida Café located at 1338 West Madison. Visual art by: Edgar Lopez, Tomas Bringas & Alexis Lanza and Poetry by Alexis Lanza, Music by Luis Mando and Konojel Junam Mayan Cultural Ensemble will all mark the occasion.



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