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Monitoring Maintream Media in US and Canada

Canada is doing a little better, but not much.
So far, very little has been covered on the Middle East by the Big 3 (I don't get FOX) in the U.S. They have made no mention of the arrests of the Internationals and continue to be vague when they use the word 'violence' i.e. 'violence in the mideast' or 'the world community decries the violence there'. They take it a step further into denial by reporting that General Zinni will stay in the Region during the attack on Palestine.

CBC news in Canada does a little better, but not much. They also do not mention the arrests of the Internationals or Journalists. They do widen the picture a bit by noting the illegal occupation and the U.N. demand that Isreal leave Ramallah.

They show bites of George Bush basically siding with Isreal, as he decries the suicide bombers and makes no comment about the invasion. The Canadians however, make no mention of Zinni.

The Canadians did, interestingly, show video of Arafat, taken by the Internationals. They also interview the leaders of other Arab Nations and report the warning of the King of Egypt to Isreal about leaving Arafat unharmed. They also reported the statement from China, which was written as though directed to Isreal. I don't have the wording in front of me, the language was strong but did not imply involvement if Isreal did not retreat, but pretty serious displeasure with them.

I also cannot help but mention ABC is showing that Charlton Heston movie where he plays Moses. Like I'm supposed to feel sorry for 'the Jews' while I'm watching on CBC news Palestinian men and boys being loaded into the bellies of tanks and driven off to yAWEH knows where while the women watch crying and are run back into there homes by soldiers.



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