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The American Empire is just as guilty as Israel for the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian nation and peoples.

Hold the Americans accountable for every drop of blood spilt, every child murdered, and family destroyed by their Israeli stooges. And show them no mercy...

With the recent Israeli incusions into the Palestinian city of Ramallah and the virtual siege of Yassir Arafat's compound, there should be no illusions about the role of the United States of America in sanctioning and tacitly supporting this military aggression--even as it cynically tries to portray itself as an "honest-broker" nobly attempting to promote peace in the Middle East.

There have been many messages posted on Indymedia concerning the atrocities committed by the "Zionazi" state of Israel against the Palestinian people. While this condemnation is absolutely deserved by the Zionazis, it should be emphasized that everything that the Zionazi regime of Israel does with respect to the Palestinians, it does so with the political support, aid, and sponsorship of its overlord and master--the United States of America.

Israel, in the final analysis, is only another client state of the global AmeriNazi Empire. IN particular, the Zionazi state is merely a regional proxy or "gendarme" of this Empire, and as such exists only to enforce American dictates and "interests" in this strategically important Oil producing region.

This fundamental fact is why it is important to expose and call out the "AmeriNazi" regime of the USA as being ultimately responsible for the crimes against humanity being committed against Palestinians.

To focus only on the Zionazis without going after the AmeriNazis is to allow the world's foremost terrorist regime--the United States of America--to escape without punishment.

This will not stand.

It is a moral and political outrage to condemn the Israeli regime without condemning the American Empire which arms, supports, and aids its crimes--any more than it would be acceptable for a judge to prosecute a Mafia hitman without prosecuting the Mafia Godfather who ordered the hit.

No doubt, American "Progressives" and disingenous Liberals will try to deny or downplay this fundamental link in order absolve the guilt of their own country--even as they delude themselves into believing that they are "champions of freedom and democracy and human rights." Like religious hypocrites, these AmeriNazis love to point their finger at every country in the world lecturing about "human rights"--all the while their own evil Empire is the most self-righteous human rights violater in the world.

Let the Martyrs strike against both the Zionazis and AmeriNazis alike--from Jerusalem to New York City, from Tel Aviv to Washington DC. From Ariel Sharon to George W. Bush. From the Zionazis to the AmeriNazis. No citizen of these two terrorist regimes, should go unscathed or unpunished for their criminal aggressions around the world.



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