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IMC- Palestine : French anti-globalization activist, Jose Bove, arrested by IDF

Latest update from IMC-Palestine. They have confirmed that renowned French anti-globalization activist Jose Bove has been arrested by the IDF in Ramallah, along with 9 other international solidarity activists, and taken to the Beit El military compound.
Internationals are still in the Presidential compound despite reports to the contrary.

We confirmed that the ten internationals and three Palestinian medics were taken to the Beit El Military Compound and then transferred to the Ofra settlement. The Israeli forces insist on holding the Palestinian medical workers and the foreign civilian's refuse to leave without their Palestinian companions.


Ten international civilians and three Palestinian medics have just been arrested and taken to the Beit El Israeli Military compound. Among the arrested is Jose Bove.

Please call the Israeli Defense Forces spokesperson Peter Lerner and the Commander of the Ramallah district and demand that the Palestinian and international civilians and medics be released immediatly and Israeli agression against Palestinian civilians and medics cease.

Call or fax and voice your protest!

phone: 00972 2 997 7017
mobile: 00972 (0) 56 234 090
fax: 00972 2 997 7339 The Israeli Commander of the Ramallah district:
phone: 00972 2 997 0461
mobile: 00972 (0) 54 240 303

There are still 33 international civilians in the Presidential compound. IDF's Mofaz has said it was a "mistake" for IDF to allow the internationals to enter the compound (Ha'aretz).

The Israeli military has entered the town of Qalkylia and the Ramallah hospital Khalid. Al-Jazeera is reporting that students and teachers have been arrested at Bir Zeit University.


2200:12 Tanks have mobilized around Ayda camp. Occupation forces have positioned tanks across from the Paradise Hotel directly beside Azza refugee camp.

There has been intermittent shelling into the camps and snipers have taken up strategic locations.



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